Sunday, February 6, 2011

getting over being sick

i still have this devil spawn cough! :(
Im over being sick - because i wanst to get back into gym and changing my diet around!

I love hearing from ppl that i look thinner its nice ! I can always tell in my face when i start to shed the KGs.

Once my devil cough is gone and im feeling better im gunna really knuckle down on working out!
So far ive lost 2kgs which is ace!

I want to get to 70 ish :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Progress Report

Ive lost 2 kilos since starting :)
I still remain nearly 80% sticking to the eating plan with a few things that couldnt be helped. Like dinner at mums and out for dinner with friends.

I still have my nasty cough and i am going to the docs today to see if i can get some sort of steroid for my lungs. Until im better i cant work out because i literally cough up a lung.
So i am excited to start the work out once im feeling better

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

foood glorious fooood!

So on Wednesday was Australia day...

I ate really well all Tuesday day and then decided that i wanted to go out so i did get my drink on and that followed onto Australia day where i ate bbq and chips and lollies.

But today im back on the bandwagon and i had a green tea (no sugar)

for breakfast i had special k with physical milk
for snack i had an orange
for lunch i had a sanga with ham and turkey (no fat) lettuce tomato egg and mushrooms. It was yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

i have to work tonight so i will grab some chicken from the chicken shop with a huge salad for dinner.

My thoughts so far is ill get bored of the food and look forward to broadening my horizons with the menu

Monday, January 24, 2011


So today for lunch i forgot stuff for work but i thought i would just mix things up a bit and buy the healthiest i could for lunch.

So i got an apple and a ham cheese and tomato sanga on multi grain bread.

For dinner im not going to have the potato that im allowed to make up for the cheese that i had but i will have grilled chicken breast with heaps of veggies and Salad.

Om nom nom nom


So this morning for breakfast i was good and had the bread with an egg.

But i had to rush off to my specialist appointment and i missed out on taking any food to work.
I think ill try to find a salad or something to eat for lunch or run over to Frankston and get some chicken or something.

Im hungry and did have a skinny latte with 2 brown sugars though :) mm nom nom nom. Sorry dave!


i just had a cup of green tea with lemon (no sugar) and some more oats and yogurt.
Im full now and satisfied

first day

so im sick and on deaths door. I managed to wake up at 4pm today and eat

1 apple
1 egg microwaved
1 piece of toast (flaxseed and quinos)

then i had
Oats with yogurt

Then i fell back asleep into a coma

Woke up because my housemates GF had made dinner.
It was Chicken and veggies - but with the sweet and sour sauce.
It was really yum but outside the requirements.

Ill need to give it a proper crack tomorrow once im feeling better